We’re all having to adapt to a new way of living and working together during isolation. UCA Students’ Union has a staff team of 8 people and 1 President, who are all now working from home. Campuses are closed, so all UCA and UCASU activity is being carried out online.

Here we will break down some of the main things the staff team does, and how we’ve adapted to provide these online.

Advice (run by Molly New, Advice and Representation Coordinator)

How we normally work: You can contact Molly by visiting the Epsom SU office, by phone, email, or social media. You can speak to her about any issues you’re having regarding your course, appeals, complaints, housing, wellbeing, or whatever else is affecting you. Molly is able to offer support and guidance through the appeals or complaints processes, and can offer assistance with a wide range of issues. She is able to signpost you to the most appropriate external support or service if unable to help you herself. There is also an online Help Centre at ucasu.zendesk.com with answers to many of the most common questions we receive.
How we’ve changed: You can no longer visit Molly in the Epsom SU office, but you can now find her on Zoom! Here are all of the ways you can still get in touch with Molly:
Advice phone: 07827 316142
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/molly.new.376
Email: molly.new.su@uca.ac.uk
Zoom: Search for her email address to add her
Plus, you can still use the Help Centre: ucasu.zendesk.com

Awards (run by Sophie Jackson, Head of Membership Engagement, and her team!)

How we normally work: Every year around early May, we host an Awards ceremony and celebration of students’ achievements from that year. We give out awards for Clubs and Societies and their committees, Course Reps, Activators, the best events and projects by students, and much more. It’s usually a formal event where students and staff from all campuses are invited to one place to hear the awards be announced, and then a party afterwards.
How we’ve changed: For obvious reasons, a big party that requires travel across counties and possibly hundreds of people, is not possible at the moment. Instead, we are going to be launching something exciting to celebrate your achievements of 2019/20…watch this space!
Here is how you can get in touch with Sophie J:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sjackson.su
Email: sjackson.su@uca.ac.uk
Phone: 01227 81 7412

Clubs and Societies (run by Vanessa Silva, Activities Coordinator)

How we normally work: Our Farnham and Epsom campuses have a variety of sports clubs and social, creative, and cultural societies. Any student can propose and run one of their own. These Clubs and Societies run regular sessions, often weekly or fortnightly, on campus or locally. Any student can join by signing up through our website and paying a membership fee.
How we’ve changed: For now, Clubs and Societies will be run the same way as Communities – all activities that we organise will be online and open to all UCA students, no fee required. Club and Society leaders can still organise and run sessions – they should contact Vanessa so that these sessions can be supported and advertised by UCASU.
Here is how you can get in touch with Vanessa:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vanessasilvaucasu
Email: vsilva.su@uca.ac.uk

Communities (run by Sophie Holden, Student Engagement Coordinator)

How we normally work: We release a Communities calendar every month full of activities. Communities include Active, Sustainability, Wellbeing, Education, International, LGBTQ+, BAME, Women, and Disabled students. All of the activities on the calendar will fall under one of these Communities. The activities are planned by UCASU staff as well as student Activators who volunteer their time to run activities within the Communities that interest them. Activities are typically held on campus or locally, and could range from a Positivitea meet-up to a language class to gaming sessions.
How we’ve changed: We’ve moved online! Without being able to meet up in person, we’re offering as wide a range of activities online as possible. Already we’ve held dance classes and workouts, a chocolate egg contest, feedback forums, Netflix parties, and more. You can suggest ideas and see a full calendar at ucasu.com/activities
Here is how you can get in touch with Sophie H:
Email: sophie.holden.su@uca.ac.uk

Course Reps (run by Molly New, Advice and Representation Coordinator)

How we normally work: Course Reps are elected in their class in Term 1, and attend Course Boards throughout the year to provide student feedback on course-related issues. Molly provides Course Rep training and support to Course Reps when they need it.
How we’ve changed: If you’re a course rep and need support, you can still contact Molly as usual. Her contact details are above in the ‘advice’ section.

Elections prizes (run by Sophie Jackson, Head of Membership Engagement)

How we normally work: This is the first year we’ve offered voting prizes as part of our Elections! You exceeded expectations and voting records for at least the past five years, to win the following prizes: Nintendo Switch Lite prize draw, Pizza Parties on campus, and choosing your own canteen menu.
How we’ve changed: The Prize Draw was held live via our Instagram account. The winners were as follows:

£20 Amazon vouchers
Bianca Rodrigues – Rochester
Joshua Webb – Epsom
Daisy Laming – Canterbury
George Petch – Farnham

Nintendo Switch Lite
Jed Ponsford – Farnham

The Pizza Parties will be held instead in Term 1 of 2020/21, and will be open to alumni. The choose your own canteen menu prize will also be delivered in Term 1.

Events (run by Hadley Keenan, Commercial and Campus Life Manager)

How we normally work: Hadley designs and plans a calendar of late-night events every month for the UCA Glasshouse venue on Farnham campus. Students pay to attend.
How we’ve changed: Along with our Communities activities, Hadley is working on providing some online activities inspired by Glasshouse, and is already working to take UCASU events to the next level when we are open again. You’ll find details of these at ucasu.com/activities
Here is how you can get in touch with Hadley:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hadley.keenan.56
Email: hkeenan.su@uca.ac.uk

Forums (run by several members of the team)

How we normally work: We run regular Campus Forums and Education Forums on every campus, open to any student to come and share thoughts or concerns with us, to make sure UCASU’s priorities are in line with your needs.
How we’ve changed: We’ve already run our first online forum using Zoom! We held a meeting called ‘Share your concerns’ to help us gather feedback on your COVID-19 concerns so we could take these questions to University leadership. We will continue to offer online forums, as well as the feedback form that is now available on this website.

U-Tell (run by Taylor Kane, Union Development Manager)

How we normally work: Interested students can sign up to regularly receive research surveys from us and be in with the chance to win £100 (top prize) every six weeks. It helps us to get quick, reliable feedback on current issues..
How we’ve changed: Our priorities have shifted toward helping you through this pandemic, so U-Tell is pausing for a while.